Stretch Mark Removal

Tips and reviews for how to get rid of Stretch Marks

How to Prevent Stretch Marks; 4 Tips that Work

Stretch marks occur due to rapid body increases such as pregnancies, rapid weight increases or just puberty. They constitute one of the
highest cosmetic related challenges for women. So, for those who frequently
have stretch marks, it might be a wise idea to learn how to prevent stretch
marks. Odds are if your mom had stretch marks then you are likely to have them as well. But this should not worry you; here are a few guides on how
to counter stretch marks especially when you are anticipating a body expansion- maybe a pregnancy or your weight is on the rise.

Keep your body hydrated

There is no better way to over emphasize the importance of
water to your skin. Water is known universally to detoxify your body and enable
the skin cope with stretching. Well, medical recommendations stress that an
ideal human being should have 8 glasses of water a day. However if you find
this difficult you can substitute it with a caffeine free beverage like green
tea. Similarly, your regular diet needs to have lots of foods with natural water.

Eat your Vitamins; try egg whites

Vitamins are vital body nutrients. Vitamins A, E and C are
known to ensure vibrant skins and enhance growth. For one, vitamin A works by repairing the skin, vitamin E holds the skin membranes in place while vitamin C triggers production of collages, which are important in making the skin elastic and generating skin cells. Try spinach, nuts, seeds, carrots, potatoes, mangoes and eggs. The protein in eggs helps to rejuvenate the skin – You may even try putting the whites on affected areas and see the magic.

Attempt some Mild Exercise and Massage and Keep your Skin Moisturized

Unless you have strict orders from a doctor not to indulge
in exercise it is very important to keep your body health and general well
being in check through workouts. Exercise helps maintain natural growth of the
skin and thus may help prevent stretch marks.

Some of the body areas that are very prone to stretch marks
include the lower parts of the belly, legs, thighs and sides. Moisturizing these
areas helps the skin grow uniformly and avoid leaving any zebra marks. A massage with jelly can be a good option.

Treat Stretch marks as soon as they appear

Using home remedies may sometimes not work perfectly in
preventing stretch marks. This may be attributed to various factors beyond the
normal physiological performance of the body. To handle this, apply stretch mark creams as soon as you notice any signs of marks.

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